If you live 600 miles from the nearest body of saltwater like Oklahoman’s do, it may not be clear how you impact our oceans. But this distance is negligible when 71% of our planet is covered by water. Many of the rivers and tributaries local to your community eventually converge with the ocean. That means trash and pollutants in our local rivers will also pollute the ocean and other downstream bodies of water on the way.

What happens when it does? Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the connections between your daily actions and the vitality of marine life, whether you live on the coast, in a desert, or anywhere in-between. Build confidence at March’s First Thursday in making choices that protect our waterways, oceans, and environment. Dr. Money will share about her research on coral bleaching, the social and economic factors which depend on thriving aquatic ecosystems, and the efforts of a world-renowned aquarium in a landlocked state to move the needle on sustainability for our blue planet.