First Thursday: Buy NOTHING, Get EVERYTHING

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Giving what you can, asking for what you need, and building a hyper local community of gratitude with Rebecca Rockefeller

Inspired by the ancient practice of gift economies, where neighbors share and pool resources, The Buy Nothing Project teaches us how to buy less, give more, and live generously. Started as two friends, Rebecca and Liesl, with their kids on a Pacific Northwest beach realized that much of the beachscape around them was washed-up plastic, plastics of every shape, color and size. They spent years collecting and inventorying those plastics and learned that they come from each of us, from our homes, our cars, our workplaces. They wash down our watersheds into our oceans. They started the Buy Nothing Project in an effort to stave off pervasive plastics in every ecosystem on Earth by encouraging each of us to Buy Less and share more.

A community-building social movement was born.

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